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High quality patient care, delivered efficiently

An evolving health care landscape is challenging for everyone

Physicians, patients, insurance carriers and employers—all are impacted by the uncertainty and confusion that can be caused by continuous change.

But whichever way the health care winds blow, one constant remains: Quality Patient Care is the driver of success.

With a focus on patient care, costs are lowered, outcomes are improved and networks remain a healthy and important resource enabling access to quality health care.

USAP is committed to superior patient care. As a single-specialty anesthesia practice, we are uniquely focused on one thing: providing the best anesthesia care for our patients, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Our in-network contracting strategy simplifies the patient's health care experience and provides a level of consistency for providers, facilities and patients.

With an experienced health care management team, high-quality physician groups, and a strong capital partner, USAP has both the clinical expertise and business infrastructure to not only develop best practices in anesthesia, but also to easily deploy these best practices efficiently across the various facilities and geographies it serves. 


Our culture is one of continuous improvement

USAP’s customized tools for reporting and data capture mean that the surgeons and hospitals we serve---as well as the networks we belong to--- all have visibility to critical metrics such as clinical quality, operating room efficiency, customer satisfaction and cost management.

USAP brings an exceptional quality of care to networks--which, in turn, can and often does reduce the total cost of care for the patient, the insurer, and the self-funded employer.