Anesthesiology Consultants Inc. Teams with U.S. Anesthesia Partners

U.S. Anesthesia Partners, Inc. (USAP), the nation’s leading Anesthesia-focused physician services organization, today announced a partnership with Anesthesiology Consultants Inc. (ACI), based in Las Vegas.

ACI is the leading independent anesthesiology practice in Las Vegas and has been dedicated to providing quality anesthesia care to patients for decades. As USAP-Nevada, the practice will continue to deliver the same high quality care through its team of physician partners and care team providers, retaining full governance over its clinical operations. ACI joins other high quality anesthesia practices which have found a partnership with USAP enables them to focus on providing high quality care to patients and valued services to hospital clients, all while accessing a robust practice support infrastructure that would be prohibitive to build on their own.

Dr. Jason Workman, President of ACI, said that USAP was attractive to the ACI partners for a number of reasons -- including its single-specialty focus, its physician ownership model, its data driven culture and its commitment to clinical quality. The opportunity to team with the other high caliber practices that have chosen to partner with USAP was very attractive to ACI as well.

"As USAP-Nevada, we will gain valuable insight into the rapidly changing reimbursement environment and access to an IT infrastructure that will enhance our performance and position us for continued success. This partnership with USAP gives ACI immediate access to best practices that will enable us to increase the value we provide to patients, our surgeons and facility partners in care,” said Dr. Workman. “We gain these benefits while remaining a Nevada-based practice. Our facility clients and surgeons will still work with the same, high-caliber teams that understand the needs of Nevada patients. We remain rooted in-and committed to-Nevada."

USAP CEO Kris Bratberg said that ACI was a perfect fit for USAP.

“We are building a unique organization for the specialty of anesthesiology. Quality groups like ACI are seeking a partner that can provide them with the support, expertise and infrastructure needed to succeed in a very demanding environment,” said Bratberg.

“Hospitals continue to require a more sophisticated level of service from their anesthesiology groups, in addition to high quality clinical care. Government payers are requiring increasingly robust data reporting to maintain current levels of reimbursement, and commercial payers will not be far behind.

By partnering with USAP, ACI will benefit from the significant investments USAP has made in infrastructure to support its practices and the high caliber business leadership team we have built. Importantly, as USAP physician partners, they will continue to participate in the future success of their practice and of USAP as a whole.”

About U.S. Anesthesia Partners
USAP is a majority physician-owned, physician-services organization dedicated to providing high-quality anesthesia care. USAP partners with high quality groups of anesthesiologists, providing the capital resources, infrastructure and business expertise needed to position them for continued success. USAP’s physician partners maintain governance of their practices and collectively own over 50 percent of USAP.

USAP’s affiliated physician groups share operational and clinical best practices, helping to facilitate the delivery of consistent, high quality services for patients, surgeons, facilities and payers. The company’s 3,000 plus team members serve healthcare communities in Florida, Texas, Colorado and Nevada. USAP’s capital partner is Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, an investment firm with significant experience investing in and building leading healthcare companies. Visit to learn more.