Partnering with USAP

Securing your future

USAP partners with successful, high-quality, anesthesiologist-led physician groups. Our experienced business leadership team provides the additional expertise and practice management services you need for continued growth and to position yourselves for a more secure future.

Our leadership team has a proven history of growing businesses through a combination of operational improvements, organic growth and acquisitions. Through our partnership model, this team provides the expertise and capital required to build a sustainable healthcare services organization focused on anesthesiology.

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Together, we are uniquely equipped to handle the anesthesia needs of sophisticated, growing health systems operating in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

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Opportunity is knocking

Why partner with USAP?USAP offers you the opportunity to become part of a network of high-performing groups who think like you and share your goals.


Why partner with USAP?

  • Join an organization being built by anesthesiologists for anesthesiologists and anesthetists who care deeply about quality outcomes
  • Maintain clinical autonomy and professional identity
  • Receive upfront liquidity at an attractive valuation
  • Receive a meaningful equity stake with significant upside potential
  • Repair income through an earnings partnership model
  • Join an organization backed by a large financial sponsor with sufficient resources and proven track record of building a successful national group

Annual Leadership Development Conference

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USAP's annual Leadership Development Conference allows leaders from across all USAP platforms to share ideas and innovations in leadership and clinical practice.

There’s power in numbers

Being part of our large, national organization also gives you access to resources and best practices that can strengthen your ability to meet the healthcare challenges of the future.


What do you get for joining USAP?

  • Create greater value for hospitals and health systems
  • Amplify and strengthen your voice in local or national legislation
  • Get access to a vast array of resources for improving all aspects of your practice, such as:
    • Knowledgeable thought leaders, including some of the world’s foremost experts in anesthesia care
    • A national sounding board and platform for sharing best practices
    • Superior IT systems for data capture and analytics, routine quality reporting to hospitals and patient satisfaction measurement
    • Advanced analytics for OR staffing
    • Leadership training and training in patient engagement
    • Use of a common revenue cycle management system


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