Quality care

What quality care means to Surgeons

Our quality metrics exceed national benchmarks

The USAP name is synonymous with high-quality anesthesia. We’re growing, shaping the future of anesthesia and excited to collaborate with you to achieve excellent patient outcomes and outstanding patient experiences.

National Mean Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction Scores
All USAP practice groups are above the national mean for anesthesia patient satisfaction scores.


Our deep anesthesia expertise, focus on quality and data-driven approach to continuous improvement are reflected in our clinical results. Our physician groups exceed national benchmarks in the quality metrics that matter to you.

We’re always learning and improving

USAP providers are defining high-quality anesthesia, and we’re always learning and improving:

  • Dr. Richard P. Dutton, our Chief Quality Officer, is a widely recognized leader in anesthesia quality management. He’s at the forefront of developing measurements for anesthesia performance, perioperative patient experience and new models of healthcare. He leads our national quality committee, works closely with all of our physician groups to spread knowledge throughout our organization, supports our groups with ongoing education and training, and collaborates with them on defining and implementing best practices
  • All of our care teams include top-tier and well-trained, reputable CRNAs. Our physician partners have full clinical control over their local practices. Our ongoing education, training and sharing of best practices keep us well-informed and up-to-date on all the latest tools, techniques and approaches for delivering quality anesthesia care
  • Our providers use cutting-edge IT tools to gather patient data from all of our cases, learn from it and act on it to improve all aspects of our practice. Our perioperative services decrease case cancellations and improve patient satisfaction and utilization of resources. Our perioperative measurement tools and leadership improve efficiency and clinical quality. Our post-op pain control and communication improve patient outcomes and satisfaction

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