How we work

Fully engaged throughout

At USAP, providing high-quality anesthesia care to patients is the bedrock of what we do. We are committed and engaged at every step in the patient care process. We’re rigorous about collecting data from every patient we touch. We then use that data to continuously learn, create a better service offering, and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

We engage with patients early to get them and their surgeons as ready as possible for the operation and avoid cancellations. We work closely with surgeons and health facilities to manage the patient’s post-operative pain and care. USAP office staff manage billing, coding and relationships with payers to ensure a seamless experience for patients.

Our care team model supports improved patient outcomes

We believe that anesthesia results are noticeably improved when the patient’s care is shared across a team of highly trained, highly competent professionals with different skills. We also believe that this is the way to deliver cost-efficient and effective anesthesia care.

Our care team model is comprised of anesthesiologists, CRNAs and, in some cases, anesthesiologist assistants or residents. Our providers work closely together, adhere to USAP standards of excellence and use the latest anesthesia equipment to deliver high-quality care to every patient, every time. 

Patient care is a sacred trust. We deliver on our patients’ trust by putting them first, acting in their best interest and maintaining a steadfast commitment to the highest standards of clinical care, safety and service.