Dr. Tony Kim

Equipping others with information to improve safety and quality care

Tony KimHealthcare systems are being tested. Across the country, doctors are dealing with an influx of patients, equipment shortages and, most importantly, a virus that is incredibly contagious and not fully understood. Hospitals are quickly developing new protocols and tools to confront these issues and are eager to share information with other systems across the country. That’s where Dr. Tony Kim comes in.

Dr. Kim, an anesthesiologist and head of the USAP Quality Care committee in Houston, saw a need for sharing information among USAP clinicians. He developed an online site for USAP clinicians to aggregate newly developed protocols and procedures they have developed to address COVID-19’s unique demands. The site contains hundreds of documents detailing innovative intubation guidance, proper use of PPE and other creative ideas for clinicians to adopt in their hospitals.

The centralized site is so popular that other, non-USAP anesthesiologists have asked for access. To ensure clinicians across the country have the resources they need to combat COVID-19, USAP uploaded the materials to a shared Google Drive that any anesthesiologist in the country can access and contribute to. Some of the methods clinicians have developed include attaching an air filter to plexiglass intubation boxes and using a plastic bag that surgical supplies come in to shield patients’ faces during intubation.

“I’m proud of the innovative way my colleagues are treating patients,” says Dr. Kim. “I also want to thank the public for continuing to social distance to keep others safe.”