Celebrating USAP CRNAs – National CRNA Week

DALLAS, TX January 25, 2023— It’s National CRNA Week, and that’s a great reason to recognize our own certified registered nurse anesthetists and their incredible work to provide high-quality patient care to patients, serve as leaders at USAP, and support the education and development of students entering the field. 

In 2022, USAP CRNAs invested time and resources into planning and hosting USAP’s first annual conference for student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs). The one-day conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, covered all attendee expenses and included workshops and information sessions, led by USAP CRNAs, focused on leadership and other important topics for students’ first year out of school and the day-to-day life as a CRNA. The sessions helped prepare students for a lifelong career in a challenging and rewarding field, including understanding the business side. 

Bree Brown, North Texas Chief CRNA, is one leader who has demonstrated a commitment to the profession and to future CRNAs. Bree helped lead the development of the SRNA conference, appreciating the opportunity to connect with students who are passionate about the field and sharing information to ultimately support them in providing the highest quality care. Practices such as Bree’s in Texas also partner with local university programs to support educational and professional development. These practices serve as clinical sites for nurse anesthesia education, working directly with schools to identify their needs. Many programs are connected to CRNA ambassadors from USAP, who enhance this partnership by coordinating student site visits and information sessions about the profession and career development. 

CRNAs, who make up about half of USAP's care providers, are empowered leaders at USAP. They voice their perspectives and share expertise to influence local practices in CRNA Advisory Committees. These committees allow USAP to tap into CRNAs’ pool of knowledge and experience to maintain a high degree of quality care and improve day-to-day operations across the organization. Additionally, they provide a platform for USAP CRNAs across the nation to develop clinical and personal relationships with each other and build their skills through knowledge sharing and continual training.  

CRNAs play a critical role in caring for patients alongside physician anesthesiologists. USAP leadership recognizes the incredible value and insights CRNAs bring to each care team. We appreciate our CRNAs every day, and we’re proud to recognize their excellence during National CRNA Week!