Colorado Physician Aids In-Flight Emergency

USAP clinicians across the country are dedicated to providing quality patient care, even in unexpected places. Dr. Mark Rubin, USAP Denver partner, was on a return flight from Maui when a passenger experienced a medical emergency. Dr. Rubin jumped into action along with several other clinicians on board to administer care during a two-hour resuscitation during the return flight to Maui. Dr. Rubin suggested the pilots call ahead to verify the availability of care at the hospital.

On arrival in Maui, the paramedics were waiting and ready to take the patient immediately to the hospital where he was treated. Dr. Rubin spoke with him for follow-up the next day, and following a procedure, the patient recovered and was soon discharged.

Pictured: Dr. John Xenos (R), Dr. Mark Rubin (C) and Dr. Eric Lung, Chief Medical Officer for Sky Ridge Medical Center.