Florida Heroes: A Story from Hurricane Ian


DALLAS, TX January 23, 2023— USAP clinicians step up to care for their community, their peers, and each other, especially amid a natural disaster. In the months leading up to Hurricane Ian, the USAP-Florida team at Health Park Hospital in Fort Myers gathered food and water to store in the anesthesia office, which served as a “base camp” open to hospital staff and clinicians to seek refuge through Hurricane Ian. 

The team provided a wide variety of anesthesia services and remained on call throughout the storm. The anesthesiologists stepped up to provide leadership and support to the operating room staff and obstetrics department, particularly supporting colleagues who worried about property, family, and friends, and mourned collectively as the reports of devastation rolled in. 

Throughout the storm, the USAP team remained positive, helpful and grateful to work with a superb group of people, especially during such a challenging time.