A Message from our Clinical Leadership

To the communities we serve and the patients we care for:

Today’s complex operating and reimbursement environment, a fast-growing demand for health care procedures, and the expansion of new care locations, such as surgery centers, are challenging patients and health care providers. Communities across the United States have been impacted by the shrinking availability of high-quality, trusted anesthesia care. To effectively navigate this evolving health care landscape, U.S. Anesthesia Partners (USAP) has focused on remaining an independent, physician-owned and physician-led practice, while partnering with private equity investors who can provide the support needed to survive in a challenging environment. Our success focuses on the sustainability of anesthesia care and advancing and improving the overall quality of care to benefit patients, health systems and health plans.

As anesthesiologists, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and certified anesthesiologist assistants (CAAs) of USAP, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality anesthesia care. And we are able to do more thanks to all of our investors – both our USAP physician owners and private equity investors. This unique partnership has been central to our ability to recruit and retain industry-leading talent; develop and deploy leading-edge systems that provide actionable data for our physicians and facilities; and, invest in our people through continued clinical education, leadership training and fellowship opportunities to help sustain the future of anesthesia.

If you have not had the opportunity to meet, work with or receive care from USAP, you may not know that we:

Are independent and locally governed by our physician shareholders. USAP is physician-owned and physician-led. USAP physician partners are contractually responsible for and have decision-making authority over all aspects of clinical care, quality oversight and business decisions for each practice (e.g., hiring, staffing, system partnerships, etc.). Our 1,500 physician shareholders are also the largest single group of USAP investors, as well as the largest single group represented on the USAP Board of Directors.

Put clinical quality at the core of everything we do. Our quality programs, clinical protocols and data-driven approaches support improved outcomes, help to reduce the cost of care and enable us to leverage data that benefits hospital systems, health plans and government programs. It’s no wonder that in 2022, more than 96% of our 600,000+ completed patient satisfaction surveys scored their experience with USAP as “good” or “great” – exceeding national benchmarks.

Deliver high-quality anesthesia care for all patients – regardless of ability to pay. We support and care for all patients regardless of reimbursement status and participate in the care of patients in all government health programs. We focus on being in-network wherever we administer care, an approach that has kept 94% of USAP’s commercial patients in-network and lowered their financial responsibility. And our clinicians delivered more than $10 million worth of charity care to patients in 2022.

Invest in the nation’s top talent to support high-quality anesthesia care. We recruit the nation’s top anesthesiologists, CRNAs and CAAs. We also prioritize training and professional development for our clinicians. USAP provides clinical rotations for more than a dozen anesthesiology residencies and 23 nurse anesthesia training programs across the U.S. Our USAP SRNA Leadership Conference – open to all SRNAs – is also the only independent conference specifically designed to equip future CRNAs with the tools to be effective leaders wherever they end up practicing their profession.

Provide unrivaled value to our health and hospital system partners. Our designation as a Patient Safety Organization enables USAP to analyze data from over 2 million cases each year and develop clinical protocols that result in safer, more efficient care, such as 45% lower 30-day readmissions for select surgical procedures and a 75% reduction in post-surgical opioid use. Most critically, our relationship with our private equity partners provides the capital that allows us to advance high-quality anesthesia care, including deploying and scaling industry-leading technology and expertise that enables us to optimize operations, improve clinical quality, reduce costs, and deliver world-class support for our patients, the facilities and systems we serve, and our communities.

USAP is a physician-run, patient-centered organization with the capital, expertise, and technology necessary to sustain and advance the field of anesthesiology. It has been our privilege to care for more than 12 million patients since our founding in 2012. We are proud to serve our patients and communities –and we look forward to sharing more about what differentiates us as we work together to drive clinical excellence and deliver extraordinary care.

Yours in care,
U.S. Anesthesia Partners


Derek Schoppa, M.D.
USAP Board of Directors
Chair of Clinical Operations
Chris Thu, M.D.
USAP Board of Directors
Arun Moorjani, M.D.
USAP Board of Directors
Joanne Ramjohn, M.D.
USAP Board of Directors
J. Scott Holliday, D.O., MBA
USAP Board of Directors
Bree Brown, CRNA
National Care Team Advisory
Cory Smith, CAA
National Care Team Advisory