Support for Future Anesthesia Providers

DALLAS, TX February 15, 2023— USAP is committed to building up the talent pipeline for anesthesia and other health care professionals, ensuring stability in a field with growing demand, and advancing racial equity and improving access to medical education and training. One way USAP works toward these goals is by offering scholarships and professional development to students in anesthesia and other areas of health care. 

USAP’s Nevada practice recently launched a scholarship program in partnership with UNLV School of Medicine that provides financial support for students in need or who come from historically under-resourced communities. The program has no requirement that students choose anesthesia as a specialty, although some do make that choice. Beyond tuition support, scholarship recipients are connected to a USAP clinician who serves as a mentor and touchpoint throughout the student’s medical training to provide guidance and answer questions. To date, three UNLV students have received the USAP scholarship. 

Similarly, USAP’s Austin, Texas practice launched the Steve L. Boatright Scholarship in 2022 to support an SRNA in Texas that exemplifies leadership, compassion and drive for the profession. The award, originally intended for one recipient, was given to two SRNAs from Texas Wesleyan University after the practice matched Boatright’s contribution. 

Additionally, USAP’s practices partner with local university programs to provide educational and professional development support. USAP practices serve as clinical sites for nurse anesthesia education, working directly with schools to identify their needs. Many programs are connected to CRNA ambassadors from USAP, who enhance this partnership by coordinating student site visits and information sessions about the profession and career development. 

These are just a few examples of the ongoing commitment at USAP to build up the anesthesia profession and support the health care system.