Transformative Insights for Residents in Latest Podcast Episode

A new episode of the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ “Residents in a Room” podcast was recently released and featured Dr. Camellia Baldridge and Dr. Doug Morgan, anesthesiologists from USAP-Washington. This podcast aims to help residents make informed career decisions.

In this episode, Interview Tips from the Inside, Drs. Baldridge and Morgan draw upon their combined 25 years of clinical leadership experience to reveal insights on how residents can craft informed questions during the interview process. Their comprehensive approach addresses critical facets such as ensuring robust quality improvement processes are in place and understanding the operational dynamics of a prospective practice to sus out its stability and longevity.

“It’s vital for young anesthesiologists—who have clinical knowledge--- to also comprehend the business side of medicine, as this knowledge plays a significant role in their ability to better serve patients and in their own long-term career development,” said Dr. Morgan. Dr. Baldridge further highlighted the importance of fostering a strong support system within a practice structure, both in terms of mentorship and day-to-day clinical operations.

The ASA’s “Residents in a Room” podcast is designed to be a valued resource for the resident community as they seek information, guidance, and context at the start of their career in medicine. 

Click here to listen to Episode 56: Interview Tips from the Inside.