U.S. Anesthesia Partners Launches USAP4USAP, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Dedicated to Helping USAP Team Members in Need

New charity is an effective way to provide financial assistance when individuals are impacted by natural disasters and other unexpected crises 

DALLAS, TX – June 18, 2024 – U.S. Anesthesia Partners (USAP), a leading provider of high-quality anesthesia care, today announced the launch of USAP4USAP, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that will provide financial assistance to USAP team members during times of crisis. In establishing this 501(c)(3), USAP intends to absorb all operational infrastructure costs related to these relief efforts, ensuring that 100% of donations will reach its team members in need.  

In addition to company donations, every USAP team member can donate to USAP4USAP via payroll deductions and other contributions. Though just launching, the charity has already received donations from hundreds of USAP team members, amounting to over $50,000 in available aid.  

The charity’s Board of Directors is comprised of USAP team members from across the country. Dr. Jacky Ralston, a USAP anesthesiologist who serves on the USAP4USAP Board, said the charity’s formation is a new approach to assisting colleagues.  

 “We are proud to launch USAP4USAP, which simplifies and strengthens our ability to respond to the needs of USAP team members during disasters,” said Ralston. “This is just one more example of USAP’s ‘stronger together’ philosophy and it illustrates that we are committed to the overall care of our teams.”  

The creation of USAP4USAP is the continuation and evolution of USAP team members joining with the company to assist their peers. Through hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and personal tragedy, USAP and its team members have always responded when a colleague needs help. Yannie Lombardo, a USAP clinician in Florida, shared her experience as she dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian – the third costliest weather disaster on record worldwide.  

“Receiving support from USAP and my team following the hurricane was a tremendous relief,” said Lombardo. “It made a significant difference by helping us afford rent while we were dealing with the aftermath of the flood. The assistance not only alleviated financial stress but also showed me, firsthand, the care and concern of the organization. It reinforced my appreciation for working with a company that prioritizes its people's well-being.” 


About U.S. Anesthesia Partners 

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