U.S. Anesthesia Partners Signs Three-Year Agreement with Cigna HealthCare of Florida, Inc.

Preserves in-network access to high-quality anesthesia care for Cigna members while incorporating innovative pay-for-performance and patient care quality metrics

DALLAS—February 10, 2021 —U.S. Anesthesia Partners, Inc. (USAP) today announced a long-term agreement for USAP’s almost 600 clinicians in Florida to continue providing in-network anesthesia care for Cigna's Florida members. USAP is the premier anesthesia practice in the state of Florida, serving patients in over 325,000 surgical procedures each year.

The agreement is unique in its incorporation of multiple pay-for-performance and patient quality metrics.  USAP strives to include pay-for-performance metrics in agreements with commercial insurance companies as part of its commitment to demonstrating clinical excellence. The agreement with Cigna in Florida represents industry leading advances in value-based contracting for anesthesia services, with one example being the inclusion of metrics tied to reductions in patient readmissions.

“USAP is committed to ensuring patient access to the highest quality, in-network care,” said Jon Giacomin, USAP Chief Executive Officer.  “That commitment can be seen in the innovative structure of this agreement, which has patient care at its core. With performance dimensions included as a part of this agreement, USAP is demonstrating our commitment to continuously improve both the care received by patients and the overall cost of healthcare.”   

USAP has long had an “in-network” strategy that in 2020 resulted in 94 percent of USAP’s commercial cases in Florida being processed as in-network.

About U.S. Anesthesia Partners

USAP is the leading single-specialty anesthesia practice, dedicated to providing high-quality anesthesia services to over 2.3 million patients across the nation annually.  With over 4,200 clinicians and expertise in many anesthesia subspecialties, including pediatric, cardiac and OB anesthesia, USAP sets the standard for high quality patient care.  Its data-driven quality metrics enable continuous innovation and improvements that are shared across USAP via a robust Clinical Quality Committee and quality framework.

This helps facilitate the delivery of consistent, high quality services for patients, surgeons, facilities and payers. The company’s clinicians serve healthcare communities in Texas, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Maryland. For more information on USAP, please visit usap.com.

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