USAP Acquires Premier Practice Paradigm Anesthesia

DALLAS, TX August 1, 2021—US Anesthesia Partners, Inc. (USAP), the nation’s leading single-specialty anesthesia practice, today announced the acquisition of Paradigm Anesthesia, Inc, now known as USAP Florida.

“I am excited to be joining the USAP team. Paradigm has provided quality anesthesia to many patients from junior high to professional athletes from around the world over the last 30 years and we look forward to sharing in the quality initiatives USAP offers,” said Paradigm’s President Gregory V. Hickman, M.D. “USAP’s nationally shared infrastructure and respected clinical quality program reflect the same commitment to excellence I’ve fostered here at Paradigm. I look forward to sharing perioperative pain management approaches I have pioneered with my new colleagues and providing an expanded commitment to our patients with USAP’s support.”

Paradigm Anesthesia delivers customized anesthesia solutions for luxury clinical care at a top-tier orthopedics and sports medicine facility. Athletes of the highest professional caliber to weekend warriors and budding superstars have benefited from Paradigm’s care.

“This is an excellent opportunity to partner with a prestigious anesthesia practice caring for patients in Florida’s panhandle and from around the world,” said Arun Moorjani, M.D., USAP Board Member and Florida Partner. “USAP clinicians are committed, experienced, and demonstrably provide the best anesthesia in the country every day. Partnering with premier groups like Dr. Hickman and Paradigm are in line with our vision to provide excellent care for patients through partnership with outstanding anesthesia practices.”

About Paradigm Anesthesia

Paradigm Anesthesia provides care to the Andrews Institute for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, known for their high-quality care for collegiate and professional athletes in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Led by Dr. Gregory V. Hickman, co-founder of, the team is made up of two partners, a fellow, and 12 CRNAs who provide care for patients in  more than 6,000 cases a year.

About US Anesthesia Partners

USAP is the leading single-specialty anesthesia practice dedicated to providing high-quality anesthesia services to more than 2.3 million patients across the nation annually. With more than 4,200 clinicians and expertise in many anesthesia subspecialties, including pediatric, cardiac and OB anesthesia, USAP sets the standard for high quality patient care. Its data-driven quality metrics enable continuous innovation and improvements that are shared across USAP via a robust Clinical Quality Committee and quality framework.

This helps facilitate the delivery of consistent, high-quality services for patients, surgeons, facilities and payers. The company’s clinicians serve healthcare communities in Texas, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Maryland. For more information on USAP, please visit