USAP-Texas In Network with Humana

We are pleased to share with you that US Anesthesia Partners of Texas, “USAP”, has reached an agreement with Humana to extend its in-network contract for USAP’s anesthesia services. USAP is excited to continue its long-standing relationship with Humana and to keep serving patients within the Texas marketplace as an in-network provider.

This new contract was signed September 7, 2018 — but will be retroactive to May 11, 2018 (our original out-of-network date). This is great news for our Humana patients and means that even if you had a claim for USAP anesthesia services that Humana processed as out-of-network, your claim will now be processed as in-network – without patient financial penalties.  Again, Humana and USAP will work together to have all claims originally filed as out-of-network reprocessed to reflect USAP’s in-network status.

As the updated claims are reprocessed by Humana, patients should work with Humana to answer claims coverage questions.  USAP will still be available to help answer questions as well at 877-221-7808.  In general, we expect the claim reprocessing by Humana to significantly lower previous patient balances, as all claims will now be processed as in-network.