Partnering with Health Systems or Hospitals

At USAP, we recognize each Health System and Hospital has unique needs for their patients and communities. We approach each relationship with a customized approach towards a long-term sustainable partnership; We are not just an anesthesia vendor but, instead, your partner prepared to align goals and provide incremental value from what you have today.

What sets USAP apart from other anesthesia groups that serve your systems? Alignment with the right provider incentives and contractual commitments,  Greater efficiencies, strong site leadership, local control,  recruitment support and staffing models, national leading quality programs towards standardization of care across and superior outcomes for your facilities.   We provide this with our scale of practice management expertise and sharing of best practices with our national networks.  Additionally, we have more than a decade of experience integrating with premiere hospitals and facilities in a variety of communities – from large to regional systems and community hospitals.


Anesthesia during surgery

Our group is uniquely positioned and possesses the resources to effectively partner with your Health System or Hospital. USAP is committed to ensuring the success of your Health System or Hospital and we recognize that, in partnership, our efforts reflect upon our collective reputations. The comprehensive USAP anesthesia model will bring continuity, quality of service, and cost-effective care in helping you manage expenses and manpower while delivering high-quality, patient-centric care.

We know making a change to your anesthesia provider can be a difficult decision, but we are here to guide you through the process.  USAP successfully services more than 700 healthcare facilities to provide sustainable relationships as a strategic partner.  Nationally our integration team has successfully completed 31 facility conversions since 2019.

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