USAP physician groups

Physician Groups

USAP enables our physician partners to focus on doing what they do best — provide the highest quality anesthesia care in the nation.

We’re Physician-owned and Single-specialty

USAP is a national company, owned and clinically governed by practicing anesthesiologists. Our high-value model keeps physician partners at the helm of their practice while giving them the business acumen and collaborative culture of a larger organization. Teaming with USAP offers premier practices access to expert business leadership, capital and an enviable IT infrastructure, allowing physician partners to focus on providing top-quality anesthesia care.

USAP physician partners are single-specialty groups enjoying the best of both worlds:

  • Clinical autonomy: We want you to continue being the same leading, successful, anesthesiology group that you always were. That’s why our clinical governance structure keeps local clinical decision-making and clinical operations in your hands.
  • Expert business leadership and support: USAP supports our physician partners with the depth and breadth of resources to enable their continued growth and position them for continued success and a more secure future.

In addition to our physician partners, we also actively develop physicians and promote to partner track to support our growth.

We use data, advanced analytics, collaboration and expert clinical and practice management knowledge to build a nationwide organization that is the premier anesthesia program for our facility partners, surgeons, payers and patients

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We now have all these opportunities to collaborate with other excellent leaders and other excellent physicians. 

Anand Patel, MD
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Why Partner with USAP?

  • Join an organization being built by anesthesiologists for anesthesiologists and anesthetists who care deeply about quality outcomes
  • Maintain clinical autonomy and professional identity
  • Receive upfront liquidity at an attractive valuation
  • Receive a meaningful equity stake with significant upside potential
  • Grow income through an earnings partnership model
  • Join an organization backed by large financial sponsors with sufficient resources and a proven track record of building a successful national group

What Do You Get for Joining USAP?

  • Create greater value for hospitals and health systems
  • Amplify and strengthen your voice in local or national legislation
  • Get access to a vast array of resources for improving all aspects of your practice, such as:
    • Knowledgeable thought leaders, including some of the world’s foremost experts in anesthesia care
    • A national sounding board and platform for sharing best practices
    • Superior IT systems for data capture and analytics, routine quality reporting to hospitals and patient satisfaction measurement
    • Advanced analytics for OR staffing
    • Comprehensive Leadership Development Programs and training, giving you the ability to expand your role and leadership scope as your interest dictates
    • Tools, training, and data to assist you in patient engagement
    • Use of a common revenue cycle management system

We're Defining Quality Care and Perioperative Leadership

We're innovators and leaders. Like-minded, high-functioning, anesthesiology groups who see the future of clinical quality and our continued success in the effective use of IT tools and metrics-driven data.

Our business management partner invests in our IT infrastructure, and our Continuous Quality Improvement program is second to none. We use the best tools for collecting and analyzing patient data. We then act on that data to constantly improve our perioperative processes, manage risk and increase our value to our patients, hospital and health system partners, surgeons and payers.

Learn more about our focus on quality