Quality care

Providing the best care for our patients

Whichever way the healthcare winds blow, one constant remains — quality patient care is the driver of success. USAP is a single-specialty anesthesia practice, uniquely focused on providing the best anesthesia care for our patients, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

We’re a growing group of trusted, top-tier anesthesia providers. We’re continually recruiting new practitioners who are steadfastly committed to preeminence in professional anesthesia services. Our providers are on the cutting edge, up-to-date on all the latest drugs, techniques and approaches. They’re actively engaged with their patients and following outcomes of every case to learn, create positive outcomes and continuously improve.


How we demonstrate quality

Our commitment to clinical excellence and leadership is also demonstrated through our:

  • Clinical governance structure which puts all clinical decisions in the hands of our providers
  • Highly active quality committees which are constantly sharing best practices, research and data among all of our practice groups nationwide
  • Ongoing investment in training and education, including leadership training for our partners and training in patient engagement
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program, a data-driven, clinical care and risk management program with proven, positive results
  • Regular solicitation of patient satisfaction data and using the results to continuously improve
  • Rigorous use of advanced IT tools to collect, analyze and drive measurable improvements throughout the perioperative process
  • Advanced analytics for efficient OR staffing

Our data drives improvements to our care

The more data we collect and analyze, the better able we are to continually improve and deliver the best patient care, patient outcomes, reduce hospital lengths of stay, reduce disruptions caused by day-of-surgery cancellations and schedule changes, drive down costs and enhance the patient experience.


Bundle Compliance vs. LOS
Bundle Compliance vs. LOS: We work with surgical and facility partners to improve operational efficiency. For example, there are more than a dozen different "Enhanced Recovery" or "Perioperative Surgical Home" pathways within different institutions. We lead or participate in ERAS or PSH projects at multiple sites, typically focused on colorectal surgery, total joint replacement, spine surgery, or major urologic procedures.  We have documented reductions in length of stay and total cost of care associated with these efforts. These projects have produced documented reductions in cost-per-case and length of stay for our hospital partners.


USAP’s CQI program employs data from
more than 2,500 providers to identify and socialize evidence-informed practices that enhance care and services. All of our physician groups pool their data and share it via our data warehouse, the largest in the industry.

Data captured through our CQI program has led to breakthrough improvements in our consent process, how we prepare patients for surgery, our OR staffing model and much more. We even used it to create a national system for collecting and analyzing adverse events.

Learn more about our CQI program