Working with USAP

A seamless experience

USAP allows our physicians to focus on doing what they do best — providing the highest quality anesthesia care in the nation.

Surgeries. Epidurals. Pediatric cases. Radiology procedures. Endoscopies and colonoscopies. Dental surgeries. As the nation’s highest-performing, single-specialty, anesthesia practice, we provide expert anesthesia services across the full spectrum of cases and clinical settings.

Our clinical governance structure puts all clinical decision-making in the hands of each partner group, ensuring clinical excellence in every community we serve.

Our data-driven approach gives complete visibility to the anesthesia care we provide in a variety of settings across hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and health systems. And, we believe that data illustrates the value we add in the areas that matter to you — excellent clinical outcomes, an efficient OR, and satisfied patients and surgeons.

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A breath of fresh air

For hospital and health systems that may be used to dealing with multiple anesthesiology groups, USAP has the unique ability to:

  • Be your single point of contact for anesthesiology services
  • Drive consistency in data capture, quality metrics and the control of the perioperative environment
  • Drive consistent, excellent customer service and high-quality patient care across multiple sites
  • Ensure system-wide adherence to quality initiatives, policies, procedures and protocols
  • Manage staffing and workflows to improve OR efficiency
  • Manage multiple reimbursement methodologies
  • Provide access through our in-network contracting strategy
  • Create a seamless experience for patients

USAP only partners with high-quality anesthesia groups that are already successful. After joining USAP, our partners continue to run their practices and maintain control over all of their clinical decisions. If you’ve been working with a group that joins USAP, you can rest assured that you will not see any immediate change in care, service or personnel. We want the current anesthesiology leadership to remain in place. We want the relationships that your hospital and surgeons have developed with the providers to be preserved.

Whether you want us to lead your anesthesia team or partner with your existing group to enhance the offering to your organization, we want to be a well-aligned partner, meet your needs and help you continue to be successful.

We have the same focus as you

We’re highly motivated to provide the absolute best patient care to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital lengths of stay.

We engage with patients early to have them as ready as possible for the surgeon so that when they show up for their surgery, we can move forward with a very low rate of cancellations and delays. We work with the hospital and surgeon to develop the order set for a patient’s medicine, all the way from standard orders to visiting the patient for several days afterward to keep them comfortable.

USAP is majority owned by practicing physicians. Our physician groups are incentivized to work and work hard. When 5 p.m. rolls around and a surgeon wants to post a case, we say, “Bring it on!”

Ongoing investment in excellence

USAP is committed to excellence. We stay ahead of the industry by investing in cutting-edge technologies that drive improvements in our perioperative services, patient satisfaction and outcomes as well as investing in business support, training and education, and the sharing of operational and clinical best practices across our physician groups.