Working with USAP

Innovative, flexible, and seamless

USAP’s focus on data-driven, continuous improvement is raising the bar in anesthesia care in each clinical setting where we practice and with each surgical team we support. Our leadership extends beyond the clinical realm to also include innovative approaches that are making a positive difference for insurance carriers, employers, patients and everyone else we serve.

Our relationships with payers are built on trust, integrity, accountability and a shared risk/shared reward model. Everyone benefits from our commitment to quality care.

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Our leading-edge approach to payer relationships

Customized arrangements. Every business is different. We craft custom arrangements to fit a variety of needs and for businesses of all sizes.

Alternative reimbursement methodologies. Our unique reimbursement opportunities run the gamut from case rate, to global case rate, to shared savings, to pay-for-performance.

Patient education. Easy-to-understand educational materials to help patients prepare for their surgery and manage their recovery are easily accessible through our website.

Best-in-class customer service. Our excellent, affable USAP office staff manages billing, coding, and relationships with payers to ensure a seamless experience for all.

Accurate billing. Our state-of-the-art revenue cycle management system helps improve the accuracy of billing, enhancing patients’ satisfaction and overall experience.

Strong, in-network strategy. We make every effort to maintain in-network status and create a smooth, non-disruptive experience for patients.