Commitment to patients

Best-in-class patient care and customer service

We care for your patients the way we want to be cared for. That’s the heart of everything we do. Our overall goal in providing best-in-class anesthesia care is to achieve optimum patient outcomes and deliver a consistent, great experience. 

Here’s a peek at how we do it:

  • High-caliber anesthesiologists and anesthetists: Our providers are the premier anesthesia practitioners in the country. We’re always improving, and we have the data to prove it
  • Care Team model: Our Care Team model is comprised of anesthesiologists, CRNAs and, in some cases, anesthesiologist assistants or residents. Our providers work closely together, adhere to USAP standards of excellence and use the latest anesthesia equipment to deliver safe, high-quality care to every patient, every time
  • Shared IT infrastructure: We’re a large, national organization with a strong, shared IT infrastructure for capturing and understanding perioperative data, learning from it and using it to improve our practices
  • Patient education: A plethora of educational materials is easily accessible through our website to help patients prepare for their surgery and manage their recovery
  • Preoperative assessment: We engage with patients early to get them — and you — as ready as possible for their operation and to avoid cancellations and delays. We make sure that by the time they arrive for their surgery, all the right tests and diagnostics have been done and that they understand everything they need to know about their surgery and recovery
  • Post-operative care: We work closely with surgeons, hospitals, ASCs and other medical facilities to manage the patient’s post-operative pain and care
  • In-network status: We always make the best effort to maintain in-network status
  • Accurate billing: We have processes in place to help ensure patients are accurately billed for the services we provide
  • Relationship management: Our excellent, affable USAP office staff manages billing, coding and relationships with payers to ensure a seamless experience for patients

If your patients have questions, our Customer Service team is happy to talk with them.