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Anesthesia Consultants Inc. (ACI) is the leading anesthesiology practice in Las Vegas and has been dedicated to providing quality anesthesia care to patients for decades. As USAP-Nevada, this group continues to provide a full-spectrum of anesthesia and pain medicine physician services.

Providing high-quality patient care at over 35 Nevada hospitals and health facilities, USAP-Nevada covers the anesthesia needs of many types of routine surgical procedures, as well as specialty areas like pediatric, trauma, cardiac, obstetrical and endoscopic.

We are committed to further enhancing the patient experience and to continuously improving clinical quality and operational efficiency.

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Physician Leadership

Dr. John Brouwers

Dr. Roderick Gex

Dr. Cary McDermott

Dr. Stephanie Davidson

Dr. Derek Goffstein

Dr. Christian Munk

Dr. Jorge Dunkelmeyer

Dr. Mike Hansen

Dr. Dean Polce

Dr. Edd Evans

Dr. W. Bradford. Isaacs

Dr. Neil Swissman

Dr. Scott Fielden

Dr. Vu Luu

Dr. Jason Workman