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Stability, flexibility and a path forward

CRNAs are vital to USAP’s mission to provide high-quality anesthesia care to each patient. We recognize your value, and we take excellent care of you.

USAP is the nation’s leading, single-specialty anesthesia practice. We serve hundreds of medical facilities across the U.S. We provide anesthesia services for more than 1.7 million procedures annually. We’re growing rapidly and offer exciting opportunities for you to grow with us.

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Learn why CRNAs love working for USAP
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USAP recognizes on a national level and even on a local level the importance that CRNAs have to the group. 

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What makes USAP a great choice for you?


With a track record of clinical and business success, you can be confident that USAP is here to stay. With over 3500 clinicians, over 2 million patient cases a year, and strong relationships with surgeons and hospital systems, you are joining the premier anesthesia group in the country. Add to that the ability to change roles and develop as a leader, and you can feel confident that you’ll always have a role that is fulfilling, a lifestyle you desire, and a group of colleagues who respect and value your contributions.


USAP is committed to helping you find the perfect opportunity within our company. With dozens of locations around the country, you have a variety of geographies to choose from. And given our ability to work with you on a schedule preference, you’ll find USAP is a place where your desire to provide great patient care while living the lifestyle you desire is within reach.


CRNAs at USAP are being given significant roles in leadership. You can participate in opportunities such as CRNA advisory councils, Leadership Conferences, a CRNA Leadership Program, and peer review committees to amplify your voice and give you a role in shaping our organization and your future.

Are you a SRNA or new graduate?

We want to get to know you and help you figure out where you want to live, where you want to work and the kind of schedule that best meets your lifestyle.

By having mentors that are helping you every step of the way with your career growth, by making the hiring process easy, and by giving you a career that you're proud to be a part of, we set ourselves apart from other providers.

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Become a CRNA Leader within USAP

USAP is developing new strategies to support your growth, build your skills and offer you a path forward. 

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