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Your patients count on you to deliver for them

We take our role seriously as a part of your team

They trust you to perform the procedure that is going to improve their health, mobility and life. You are the first one to welcome their new baby to the world, the one they count on to help their child feel better, or the expert who will give them new hope for better days ahead.    

As a key partner with you, we understand the importance of providing the best anesthesia care, eliminating delays, and being a collegial member of the OR environment. 

And USAP, a cohesive collection of the premier anesthesia practices in the country, is uniquely positioned to deliver a consistent, positive and hassle-free experience for the patient, the hospital staff, and for you:

  • USAP is majority physician-owned
  • We are a single-specialty group, focused only on anesthesia
  • Our physician owners maintain complete clinical governance of their practices
  • We have the nation’s top board certified anesthesiologists and highly qualified anesthetists
  • USAP has an in-network contracting strategy
  • We have an active CQI program 
  • USAP adequately staffs ORs, and carefully aligns its Care Team to ensure cultural fit and proper available skill sets
  • USAP providers understand the importance of maintaining the important individual relationships we have with surgeons and facilities to ensure clinical consistency and continued high-levels of patient care
  • We measure the things you care about: Our sophisticated approach to collecting, measuring and reporting data allows us to uniquely drive performance, elevate the level of services we provide, and enhance the overall patient experience

As a growing group of top-tier anesthesia providers, USAP is shaping the future of anesthesia and grateful to play a role with you in creating optimum outcomes and outstanding patient experiences.